Policy Changes

What if I ruled the Internet? Ideally, I would like to see a free and open Internet with limited government regulation. However, I believe it is important for users to feel like the Internet is a safe environment that provides equal opportunity for use.

I believe the government or FCC could work to develop educational content, particularly for young users. This content can help inform people how to safely and respectfully use the internet. For example, the education could include what is illegal to post on the internet and why i.e. child pornography or copyrighted materials. They could also have cybersecurity classes so that individuals could learn how to protect themselves from the dangers of the Internet, such as hackers.

A specific action the government could take would be to set a standard for the privacy settings on all computer software. These privacy standards could help to prevent hackers and other illegal activity. It can also prevent unknown cookies and bugs from websites. There standards would not significantly affect Internet users, but would provide an overall safer environment with the use of universal standards.

What I think should be continued in the future is the idea of an “Open Internet.” One that is fair and free for all. Companies should not be allowed to establish “pay to play” schemes in order to allow quicker access for those that pay. Along with this, they should not be allowed to slow down Internet traffic based on the content or device. For example, Netflix should not be slower than XFinity On Demand because Comcast is paying Internet service providers.

A free and open internet is essential for the growth of industry and our economy. The FCC should be allowed to regulate the internet, but only using this authority to prevent any threats to Internet openness and illegal activity.

The following TedX Talk explains why we must protect a free, open, and neutral network. I would definitely take the time to watch this video and Mr. Ammori really hits why net neutrality is important to all Internet users.

And on the other hand… This news network explains the other side of net neutrality: government involvement. Government regulation can lead to too much involvement and less privacy and freedom.

So, what do we do? This conversation will continue for years to come as this debate is ever-changing. What is important is that these policies are constantly being reviewed and discussed to allow for the best possible Internet experience for everyone.


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