Privacy concerns are the main issues I have with the internet. The level of censorship online heavily influences how much privacy each individual can have. As this project comes to a close, I would like to discuss some pros and cons of internet censorship.


  • It can control illegal activities
  • Lessens the risk of identity theft
  • Can strengthen national security
  • Ability to protect children accessing mature information


  • Invasion of privacy
  • Can be used by malicious governments in negative ways i.e. hiding information
  • Expensive and can take a toll on businesses
  • People can control their own usage
  • Difficult to enforce

In my ideal world, the Internet would continue to be uncensored, with education as a top priority. If we work to educate youth on safe Internet practices and potential risks, we can hope that the Internet will remain a free and open space for generations to come. Privacy matters and I would like to share some reasons why you should care about it. Privacy limits the government’s power, allows for freedom of speech, gives the user control over their life, and allows you to choose what you do and do not want to share with others. These are just some of the many reasons, but I encourage you to take some time and research this topic and decide what side you stand on. Should we regulate the Internet? Should we continue with the way things are? These are questions that are important to think about, particularly with the recent election. We can make our voices heard through reaching out to our government officials. To close, take some time to further educate yourself and decide what you would do if you ruled the Internet?

Below are some resources you can go to to learn about Internet privacy and regulation:






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